National Finals

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Welcome to SYNDIC8

We are an organisation holding a global competition to encourage students to develop and learn practical skills in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, robotics and programming.

We aim to drastically boost the entrepreneurial and inventive drive these students have yet to unlock by bringing some of the most advanced programmes in the world under one roof for one year-long challenge.

Not only will the students learn theoretically and practically, but they will obtain a remarkably high-level of understanding when it comes to today’s technology sector. First-class teaching standards ensure that they develop and hone in on skills in presentation, collaboration, design, manufacturing, research, creativity, resource management and communication.

We hope you will enjoy participating in what we hope to be one of the largest technology competitions young people will ever encounter.

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– Use STEM in innovative and exciting ways
– Improve communication, team-work, resource management and creative thinking
– Insight into future careers in STEM areas


– Increase student engagement in STEM
– Practical learning – learn by doing
– Boost possible future career opportunities

Why get involved?

Third Level Institutions

– Increase numbers in STEM degrees
– Attract interested students to your institutions
– Strengthen link between secondary & third level institutions


– Promote technology & youth of today
– Opportunity for Internships & Recruitment
– Promote your company as a STEM advocate


F1 in Schools

Develop and race a miniature CO2 powered Formula One car to travel 20m in under a second! Teams from across the country showcase their skills in IT, physics, engineering, marketing and financial strategy as they strive to become Irish and World champions!

RC Rally

Build and design a 1/24 scale remote-controlled racing car to race against other teams! Nip around the track at speeds of up to 100 Km/h and avoid collision as you race against your opponents in order to be crowned the SYNDIC8 RC rally champions!

Drone Racing

Assemble and fly your very own drone! Not only that but you will also master controlling it at speeds of up to 140 Km/h! Avoid obstacles and zoom through LED gates as you hurtle towards the finish line!


Formula Student

This is Europe’s most established educational motorsport competition. Backed by industry and high-profile engineers such Patron, Ross Brawn OBE, the competition aims to develop enterprising and innovative young engineers and encourage more young people to take up a career in engineering.

UAV Challenge

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle challenge is designed to push the limits of what’s possible. The task is simple; Design an autonomous aircraft that can take off, fly to a location as quickly as possible, retrieve some sort of package and then return to base, all without any help from a human.

Autonomous Rally

This competition brings together the forefront of many technology sectors. Students build an autonomous rally car that is capable of manoeuvring a track while racing other competitors. The car will be a scaled down version of a real rally car. Because of this, components will have to be effectively designed to provide strength and durability along with being lightweight and space efficient.

Still not sure if this is the best category for you?