Autonomous Rally

Be a leader in autonomous travel by designing and building a rally car that is capable of racing against other rally cars, independent of any human input. It will require a substantial understanding of material properties, mechanical structures, manufacturing methods, electronic circuits, motors, aerodynamics and programming. This is all to ensure that the rally car you build will perform well in terms of speed, handling, durability in case of collisions and also be intelligent enough to manoeuvre around the course and competitors.

Teams will also be required to have a broad understanding of manufacturing techniques for all the components of the car. They will have to consider the pros and cons to certain manufacturing methods and how they relate to the material from which the parts will be manufactured from.

Each team must have a minimum of 5 members or a maximum of 15.

What’s Involved

Find a Team

Form a team of 5 – 15 people. Think of a team name that represents your group. Assign job roles based on each team members skills, example include: Team Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Design Engineer, Graphic Designer and Resource Manager.


Prepare a business plan, develop a budget and raise sponsorship. Sponsorship isn’t always about money; it can also solidify your teams image. Teams are encouraged to collaborate with industries and create business links.


Brainstorm and research ideas of aerodynamics, electrical systems and mechanical structures. Use Autodesk to design your ideal car!


Your autonomous rally car could be the fastest around, but is it durable enough to withstand a crash with other cars? Does this car go as fast as you want? Would it last a long race or would it burnout from the beginning?


Assess your budget and discover the most efficient machining strategy to make the car. If you have no machining facilities check out some other solutions.


Now it’s time to see what your car can really do! It’s up to your team to test the car before the event date to ensure that this is the design of the car you want to submit. Test what you feel is necessary; speed, crash testing, electrical safety.


Show us what your team is all about! Your pit booth should have information on the design and build of your autonomous rally car and should also represent the brand of your team.


Autonomous rally cars will be scrutinized on every dimension to ensure that they comply with the Rules and Regulations. There will be both critical and non critical regulations that will dictate what awards you are eligible for. So make sure you know the rules!


Judges question teams on how their cars have been designed and manufactured. Here you can elaborate on your ideas to the judges and explain why you chose your final design.


Prepare a presentation to perform to a panel of judges covering all aspects of the challenge. This includes, your initial brainstorms, ideas, branding, sponsorship and final design. This will be completed within a set time limit.


Your portfolio should have information on all aspects of the competition and should also have your teams branding throughout. This portfolio should be 20 A3 Pages.


The autonomous rally car is tested along with other opponents. Get ready for an intense ride as you race your rally car around tight bends and bumps, avoiding crashes and collisions whilst getting to the finish line first!

Still not sure if this is the best category for you?


Our price plans are designed to cater for all groups entering the competition. Although we do offer a machining service with the INTERMEDIATE PACK and the PRO PACK, we would greatly encourage that applicants use either, in school machining equipment or personal equipment. Teams using their own equipment would provide teams with an in-depth knowledge of how the projects were manufactured. This is a requirement for all SYNDIC8 competitions & events. Sponsorship from machining companies could also include use of their equipment if applicable; but teams must understand the machining process.

We are a non-profit organisation and all the funds we receive go into ensuring these events are held to the highest of standards. Any additional funds are poured back into the SYNDIC8 programme to further provide this service to more dedicated applicants around the world.



1 x Team Registration for upto 15 students