Formula Student is an international competition that allows students to design and build a formula race car. This competition is recognised worldwide by some of the most influential companies in the industry. Students in this competition form a relatively large team to create a scaled down formula one car. With the option of electric of fuel based cars, students have to learn about every aspect of a race car from the engine to the aerodynamics.

Students will have to learn how to design using CAD software. They must also learn about machine processes and carefully choose suitable manufacturing methods for the parts they want to create. It will also require string teamwork skills as many students will be working on the car at once and will require efficient communication and feedback to ensure problems are solved and progress is made.


When students reach third level SYNDIC8 makes the assumption that a well thought out syllabus can be achieved by the students themselves. This also allows students to completely set-out their own goals, objectives and learning outcomes.


Each team must submit a 5 page document highlighting the targets and objectives they wish to accomplish during the year.
The teams are responsible for setting out their own syllabus which must coincide with their lecturer or modules annual learning outcomes.
All team members are required to send a 1 page document outlining the roles they have undertaken as part of the team.

Our panel of judges will then review the 5 page plan and the individual role documents to determine if the learning outcomes and job roles are sufficient for the time scale provided by SYNDIC8 for the competition.


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Our price plans are designed to cater for all groups entering the competition. Although we do offer a machining service with the INTERMEDIATE PACK and the PRO PACK, we would greatly encourage that applicants use either, in school machining equipment or personal equipment. Teams using their own equipment would provide teams with an in-depth knowledge of how the projects were manufactured. This is a requirement for all SYNDIC8 competitions & events. Sponsorship from machining companies could also include use of their equipment if applicable; but teams must understand the machining process.
We are a non-profit organisation and all the funds we receive go into ensuring these events are held to the highest of standards. Any additional funds are poured back into the SYNDIC8 programme to further provide this service to more dedicated applicants around the world.



1 x Team registration for upto 25 students 

This option is for students who intend to design and build a car 



1 x Team registration for upto 7 students

This option is for students who will produce the theoretical portfolio only