UAV Challenge

The unmanned aircraft vehicle challenged is designed for teams of students interested in autonomous air travel and intelligent flight control. The aim of this challenge is to design and build an aircraft that is capable of flying autonomously from one destination to another, pick up a package and return home. The location of the package to be collected will be purposely be placed under cluttered and obstacle filled airspace. Each team will have to ensure that their aircraft is responsive enough to respond to obstacles reliably and maintain stable flight.

This challenge encompasses multiple disciplines. Teams will have to design their aircraft to certain specifications. It will have to be able to sustain long flights efficiently, have responsive handling, quick feedback on cameras and sensors and be sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Students will have to consider materials, plane structure and shape, aerodynamics, electrical systems, mechanism type and implementation and a lot of coding to ensure their aircraft is fully autonomous.

Each team must have a minimum of 5 members or a maximum of 15.

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Our price plans are designed to cater for all groups entering the competition. Although we do offer a machining service with the INTERMEDIATE PACK and the PRO PACK, we would greatly encourage that applicants use either, in school machining equipment or personal equipment. Teams using their own equipment would provide teams with an in-depth knowledge of how the projects were manufactured. This is a requirement for all SYNDIC8 competitions & events. Sponsorship from machining companies could also include use of their equipment if applicable; but teams must understand the machining process.

We are a non-profit organisation and all the funds we receive go into ensuring these events are held to the highest of standards. Any additional funds are poured back into the SYNDIC8 programme to further provide this service to more dedicated applicants around the world.



1 x Team Registration for upto 15 students